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Wednesday, February 01, 2017


used to be a time when people knew how to use the stairs.
walk up one side, walk down the other.
ah happy times.

now people just charge up and down stairs higgledy piggledy wit no regards for others.happy to walk into you expecting you to move out of their way. the stairs becoming a mini version of death race.

at least those people are moving.
even worse are the ones who haven't quiet realised (or more likely just don't care) that the stairs are busy and so what better place to stop to check their phone or consult their maps. or linger while they wait for someone. oblivious of all the people having to shuffle around them. after all why worry about others.
i know it is busy and lots of people are trying to go up and down so why not sit down. i ask you who is that going to inconvenience? ignore the dirty looks i mean what is their problem?

oh why not just stop at the top or the bottom of the stairs, it is a good place to have a conversation, or check your pockets or just to have a look around.

ah for the gold old days when people just went up and down stairs.

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