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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


funny the things that you read on the bog – there i was working up to doing a big job while reading the programme of a contemporary dance festival. what i know about modern dance could be written in block capitals on the head of a pin. still i am always looking for something new to experience, especially if it is free.
sadly none of the festival’s work is free.

among the articles in the programme is a q&a with korean american director young jean lee, she has created a show called ‘the shipment’ it is an exploration of the continuing effects of slavery.
in the programme she says “europe is much less aware of its racial issues than the usa – and the usa is not that aware. i can’t tell you how many europeans have told me, “we don’t have a race problem in our country” but when the only people of colour you see in a city are servants that city has a race problem.”


it is such a ludicrously over the top statement that it undercuts her central argument.
while reading the short article i was struck by how racism has become very black and white (excuse the pun), that it is a simple case of whitey hating anyone of colour. when the fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter what colour you are you can easily find another group to hate. go among any racial group and sooner or later you will discover another racial group they hate. i know japanese who are not keen on chinese, thais who don’t like japanese, indians who don’t like africans, africans who don't like arabs and so on.

by reducing racism to just a white vs colour issue reduces any chance of eliminating racism while tacitly condoning the racism of others as somehow something lesser, when any such hatred demeans us all.

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