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Monday, December 16, 2013


people moving or not as the case maybe

as i get older i get irked more.
i am not sure if i have developed a lower irk threshold or that people are generally more irksome.
what i am finding is that there is an ever growing list of things that irritate and annoy.

so what has got your panties in a bunch? i can hear you ask.
people moving.
look i can see the look you are giving me, but it is true. right now it is people moving, or sometimes when they have decided to stop moving.
yeah! yeah! you are still none the wiser.

look why don’t i just tell you some of the things that gets my goat when it comes to people moving or not moving.
imagine, if you will, that you are walking down the street, nothing special out to get the shopping, you are in no hurry just need to get from here to there. ambling along the pavement minding your own business when oh no you have to take evasive action because some self absorbed wanker has their attention glued to the screen of their oh so trendy smart phone updating their social media status letting all their friends know they are walking down the road.
good for them.
bad for the rest of us.

then there are the loiterers. people who have an uncanny knack, almost a super-power, to stop in the most inconvenient place possible. normally they have perched themselves at the top of a busy set of stairs or in a bustling doorway.
yeah thanks for making me late.

or the transport queue jumpers who dash to get to the front and then spend an eternity hunting around for their ticket. it isn’t like the ticket thing was a surprise. but no just as they get to the ticket barrier it is check pockets, check bag, oh where is it. oh there it is. don’t worry about the waiting masses behind you.

don’t get me started on cyclists.

go on admit you can see i am right.
i am. aren’t i.

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