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Monday, December 30, 2013


rarely a day goes by without yet another story about what makes us fat or why we are fat.
sometimes it has been blamed on the fact that we have to use too much brain power, or that we are sitting down at desks all day.

now it is down to fact that fat is a social issue because we eat what people around us eat. the research argues that a constant refrain in restaurants is ‘i’ll have what they are having’.  now i can’t claim to be a regular restaurant goer. in my limited experience the last thing that happens is the miraculous occurrence where the ordering is simple because everyone is going ‘i’ll have some of that’.

so it seems that if you don’t want to get fat don’t eat in restaurants, or if you do choose something different from the rest of the people there. 

or we could just eat less, eat better and exercise more - but that would be taking responsibility for our own lives. 
can't have that when we can blame others. 

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