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Monday, September 02, 2013


stinking cold

cold is worse. i think this might be full on manflu.
cough, sore throat, runny noses.
yup i have a cold.

looks like it is going to hang around like an invited house guest, or the tory party in power.

it used to be that i didn't mind having a cold as i would just go into work show what a martyr and hero i was by coming into work regardless of the fact that i felt like shit. see, i would be saying by being there, i am dedicated, i am determined, i am the man. i am not sure what the biz buzz words are to describe that sort of behaviour - but i am sure they are all positive.
rather than what they should have been: go home you fucking idiot - you are ill and you are possibly going to make others sick.

my main reason for going in on days that i was buggered by the cold was a semi practical one, at least here i could get others to make me coffee.
i knew i was going to be miserable at work, but i also knew i would have been just as miserable at home - but at least at work i could make other people feel bad as well. i was such a star (or twat - depending on your point of view).
somehow though the very effort of going to work made the cold disappear quicker - probably due to the lack of sympathy i was getting (i can never remember if it is feed or stave a cold of self pity to help the healing process).

now i am not working and i am time rich and can do stuff the cold lingers and lingers and i stay huddled under a duvet drinking water and hoping that tomorrow the cold will go.

bet your bottom dollar it might. (or might not).

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