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Sunday, September 01, 2013


to make matters worse

and just to add to my woes: i have a zit.
it is not one that you can see.
i only realised it was there the other night walking home when the seam of my pants started rubbing against it. not painful, but annoying. it got more annoying with every step, because once you know it is there then everything irritated it, everything rubbed against it. the pants, the coins in my back pocket, the jeans.

i got home, stripped off and had a bit of a feel - well you would, wouldn't you?
braille reading is not a speciality of mine - but these zits (for it was a cluster) were saying 'you can't squeeze us'. by golly they were right. while i could feel them i couldn't get into the right position to give them a good old pinch to extract the puss.

by a complex and complicated arrangement of mirrors i managed to see the offending zits - they looked for all the world to be a representation of the belt of orion - so good that richard branson could use it to launch his commercial space rocket there.

i can feel them.
i can see them.
but i can't squeeze them.
the little buggers are there, they still annoy and irritate. they are not going away.

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