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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


want want want pat that’s all you ever do (to misquote a bad line from a bad movie), and it is true i do seem to be an inexhaustible well of want.

sometime the want is based on need.
so at the moment i want a new laptop (apple of course) because my old one has given up the ghost and gone to the great ram in the sky. now i could settle for a cheap and cheerful windows based laptop or i could go on as i am without one as it is sometimes nice to go out and not be connected to the web or playing on a computer.

more often want is just based on want.
sure i want that hasselblad digital medium format camera that will be well over the £10000 mark. it is also true that i would happily settle for the nikon d3x that is a snip at just over £5k. i am pretty sure that neither of them will improve my photography – that isn’t how want works. want just means wanting it – not needing it.

i am stone broke at the moment. i am not sure when i will have spare cash to squander on fripperies, it doesn’t stop me looking and it doesn’t stop me going ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ when i see things i want (want not need). i will still look at books – even though i have a very large pile of unread books. nor does that explain why i would quite like an ipad or a kindle – i have books to read i don’t need more, but i do want more. there is always another book to add to the pile.
want. want. want.

oddly i need new clothes – but i don’t want to have to go buy them.
i need an iron – but i don’t want to get one.

even odder i have discovered that as i have even less money to play with now i seem to want more and more. it is as if i know
i can’t have things so i must want even more things. it is perverse. (part of this i think is driven by the fact that having something is most of it – sure i intend to read that book i bought or watch that dvd i have bought or.. well you get the picture, but the moment i have it i am thinking about the next thing to want and the just got thing isn’t as shiny anymore).

what has brought on this wave of self revelation?
well because i have seen this from lego – and i do want it. i have no skill when it comes to building these things, i have little patience for things that involve fiddly bits and i am pretty sure that no matter how hard i tried i would lose a bit in the mess that is my flat. that said: i want.

serioulsy just how fantastic is that?

on the other hand despite the fact that i am not really a football fan. nor does it matter that the last time i bought a replica football jersey it was david seaman’s horrid multi-coloured dash affair, and then it was for someone else (and he still hasn’t had it). in fact the only replica’s i have are basketball jersery’s and one baseball top (a sport that to this day i don’t understand the attraction of). that all said i would have been tempted by a team gb football top. a one off olympic team. oh yes please. until i saw it. and then it became a want not.

not only is it over priced – but it has a design on it that even rugby league would laugh out loud at and throw back in the faces of those who offered it to them. (i am not sure if it is one of stella's creations or not - but no one comes out of it looking good).
a better view of how truly awful it is can be found here and you can also browse the amazing amount of olympic tat there is - if they sell most of this stuff then they will be heading for a profit.

so just want is beaten - probably just like team gb.

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