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Tuesday, March 01, 2016


this was a place holder - for a blog i never wrote – below is the basic idea of it and at the time i would have posted it in a fuller and more rounded form. but you should get the gist.

(posted august 2 2016)

essentially i was going to write about just how difficult it was to make an informed decision about the rights and wrongs of the in and out question of europe.

that few, if any, of us had the time to marshal and understand the facts in order to make a rational decision. anyone who said they had the facts were probably lying (and as it turned out that meant nigel farage, iain duncan smith and boris johnson).

later on i discovered that richard dawkins was of a similar mind – in that this was a decision best left to experts and not the willing of the people, who would not be basing their judgement on facts (unusual for me and the arch atheist to be on the same side – but brexit made strange bedfellows of us all).

the point of the piece was going to be that when faced with a decision where i did not have enough facts to make up my own mind i would fall back on friend of my enemy style strategy and pick the side with the least number of people i hate and then follow their lead. the problem with brexit was that on the remain side there was david cameron and george osborne – and that is a hard double act to like. however the leavers had farage, duncan smith and john redwood and that is a trio no one in their right mind should follow

so i was in

turns out i was wrong and when bojo joined the leaver band – that was us out of europe.

of course now we know that the leavers went out of their way to lie and we are now in a shit storm of working out how and when we leave europe,

i reckon if i had written the blog at the time i would have swayed the debate and we'd still be in europe, the tory party would have split, labour would have carried on without their current coup (also known as the longest political suicide note in history). i guess the 48% can blame me – if only i had written this back then the day would have been swayed, the debated won .

i didn't though.

and the price has been paid.


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