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Sunday, January 05, 2014


david cameron has once again rejected alex salmond's request for a tv debate over the question of scottish independence.

now i confess i am ambivalent about scottish independence, i also don't know enough about the terms of the debate to have an informed position (which pretty much makes me like everyone else involved in the discussion).
alex salmond is one of those people who gets right on my tits. oh for sure he isn't in the same league as piers morgan or richard littlejohn for annoying me just by being alive, but he is definitely in the second tier. that said i have to admit he is a very effective speaker.

my commonsense view is that the union is better for us all and that separate countries is just going to lead to all sorts of misery for all sorts of people.
however there is the 'fuck 'em view' (this was first posited in a paper from harvard back in 1967 in a discussion about the merits of bazooka joe bubble gum) that has me thinking 'go on, sod off and don't come back. then reality kicks in and i remember that without the labour members of parliament that scotland votes in we are likely to live in a conservative lead country from here to eternity.
- please don't go scotland.

salmond describes cameron's avoidance of the debate as  "partly arrogance and partly fear", which is just salmond's way of trying to get more people on his side.
salmond is a canny (see what i did there?) operator and he knows that a post toff etonian isn't the sort of person that most scots like (to be fair - most english don't like him either) and by constantly bringing cameron into the debate salmond scores points.
salmond is right about the fear part - for two reasons. cameron knows that any intervention that he makes is going to cost votes for the union side. cameron maybe a posh toff, but he isn't a complete idiot. this is one of the reasons why he has left the union argument in the hands of alistair darling, ex labou chancellor. the fear is no matter how cameron performs, no matter he says or promises just being involved will lose votes.
the other reason why cameron is scared is because he knows that salmond would wipe the floor with him - and while we would all like to see that i don't think it would be beneficial to the country at all.

you can't help thinking that there is a little fear on the side of salmond. that he has to resort to invoking cameron smacks of desperation and the last roll of the dice of someone who knows he has lost the argument.

so hear my plea scotland - say no. you know it makes sense. 

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